"He's Dead Jim" Recording Studios is fully equipped with Drums,
Percussions, Amps, Keyboard, and a variety of MIDI instruments
for all of your recording needs.

Photos and descriptions of the equipment you will be working with at "He's Dead Jim" Recording Studios
Drums & Percussions
Recording Gear
Guitar & Bass Amplerfiers
Piano & Keyboards
Couple of Old Fenders

“He’s Dead Jim” Recording Studios is located in Richmond Hill, Queens, N.Y.  Owner/Engineer Tom Roberto has been working in the recording industry since 1989.

Starting at Rock Video International, a studio that recorded tracks for Karaoke machines, Tom learned how to create high quality, rich sounds inspired by the music he is passionate about.  His influences include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, and countless other in-studio masters.

In 1991, at Videomix Post-Production Studios, Tom met and worked with Dick Maitland, sound effects engineer for Sesame Street.  During this period, Tom had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mr. Maitland on several occasions, on the Sesame Street set, when it was filmed in N.Y.C. on 9th Avenue.

Running his own studio since the early 90’s, (4 track, 8 track, 16, track, and 24 track digital) Tom has acquired over 20 years of experience, tracking & mixing in many different musical styles such as Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, & Broadway scores. 

Tom’s emphasis is in producing top quality sound - period.  His dedication to his work shows in his productions.  He will devote his time to your project ensuring it is of the highest quality while using your time efficiently.

For booking information, or to check out the studio, call 917-951-9513 or
e-mail: hesdeadjimstudios1701@verizon.net

Bands that have recorded at "He's Dead Jim" Recording Studios

Lee Roy Smilee




The Real

Exit to Eden

Heart and Soul




"He's Dead Jim" Recording Studios supports the the following not for profit orgaization

The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA), a 501(c)(3) recognized charity, is the most
established and recognized organization in the country dedicated to supporting those affected
by Prader-Willi syndrome through every stage of life. PWSA (USA) is a membership association
made up of families affected by PWS and other interested citizens and professionals.
PWSA (USA) is dedicated to
funding vital research on PWS; providing extensive programming
to those affected by the syndrome; raising
awareness of the syndrome; advocating on behalf
of those affected by the syndrome; and educating the
general public, school, scientific, and
medical professionals, and any other interested citizen or group
about PWS.

PWS is the most common known genetic reason for life-threatening obesity. Those who have
PWS live
with a strong, involuntary, and uncontrollable feeling of hunger from their toddler years
on after a failure
to thrive stage in infancy. Currently, no medications or treatments stave off
this hunger. There are many
other aspects to the syndrome which may affect cognitive,
emotional, behavioral, and physical development.

www.pwsausa.org or www.prader-willi.org


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