Dreamer's Life
Words and Music by Thomas Roberto

If you’re feeling low, just say so.
And tell me what you'd like to do.    
You know I’ll make it up to you, if you give me the chance, to say that I love you.

If you want to get high there are ways you could fly.
High above the world.
Look down on all the pretty girls who will undress for you as soon as you tell them to.

But in a dreamers life you’re leaving your wife.
You got yourself a fancy new car.
In a dreamers mind everything is so fine.

When you’re in a fight, your always in the right.
And never really gettin hit hard.
Never dropping your guard.
And when the fight is done you can’t remember why it begun.

But in a dreamers mind everything is fine.
You never have to work to hard.
And all that really counts is the sound of your electric guitar.

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Words and Music Copyright © 2005 Otrebor Publishing.  All rights reserved.

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